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The doors open. Pop music interspersed with the sound of video games ring out along with the cheers and groans of the patrons. There are television and computer screens everywhere, as are various types of games, from console and pc to arcade and even board games. Every type of video game enthusiast is represented. As my boyfriend and I are shown to our seats (one of the duo tables, complete with two comfortable gaming chairs and our own TV), we pass the bar where every seat is full and every face is smiling. Even though it is a Sunday night, the place is packed. With reasonable pricing, delicious food, and gourmet drinks, it is no wonder that Battle and Brew is the favorite place to hang out for many geeks in the Atlanta area.

Decadent Irish Coffee Near The Battle and Brew Menu

Battle and Brew first opened its doors in 2005, focusing primarily on gaming, with food and beer secondary. Fifteen years later, it is more than just a video game bar. The first in Atlanta to do so, Battle and Brew is also known for its difficult Geek Trivia, which is hosted by Brian Smawley every Wednesday at eight o’clock. The first Wednesday of every month is themed trivia (February’s themed night was Christopher Walken trivia). They also host cosplay nights, art shows of local artists, theme nights, and role-playing game nights. Recently, they have started supporting and hosting e-sport leagues, the newest being the Atlanta Faze, a Call of Duty league. Despite being a bar, Battle and Brew is also family friendly. Until eleven pm, anyone under the age of 18 and accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 25 and up is allowed. This allows families to create memories and share experiences together all while having fun.

With so much going for it, Battle and Brew could have sold regular bar fare and half-decent drinks. The owners, however, wanted to appeal to more than just those who wanted a place to play games. They wanted to have a menu that was creative, nerdy, and delicious, with dishes inspired by popular culture and drinks that are worth every penny. A couple seated close to us recommended the B&B’s Cheese Strats, a dish located under the Multiplayer category (appetizers). It featured Brew-Cheese, with a robust smokey and tangy flavor that was complimented well by the salty and soft pretzel bread. It was the perfect snack to chow down on in between Super Smash Bros matches.

B&B Cheese Strats- Beer Cheese and Pretzel Bread

The real star of the show, however, were the drinks. I started off the night with an Irish Coffee. A simple cocktail made decadent by the Battle and Brew bartenders. The coffee, Jameson, and sugar were a given, but the hand-made Godiva whipped cream added sophistication and turned an ordinary drink into something special. We then tried one of the beers on tap, the Tart’s Content, a sour beer by Berliner Weisse. Sour and light, but with a slight bitter aftertaste, this beer was great for the price. The best drink of the night was the Rainbow Dash. Made from cotton candy flavored vodka, sugar, and blue curacao, this cocktail is dangerous with how easily it went down. Garnished with spun cotton candy, it was as eye-catching as it was tooth-achingly good.

The Rainbow Dash. Made From Sugar and Happiness.

Between the excellent food, the dangerous drinks, and the light-hearted games, my overall experience was relaxed and enjoyable. Despite the obvious effort and love put into each aspect, the bar does not take itself too seriously. Each employee we interacted with was attentive, down to earth, and helpful. We never felt as if we were not a priority. Even though there were only two servers assisting a very crowded establishment, our server was calm and collected, and she made sure that we had everything we needed.

If you are looking for a casual bar to go to play some video games with friends and have some good food and even better drinks, I highly recommend giving Battle and Brew a chance. Whether you go with a huge group of friends or just by yourself, you are guaranteed to have an excellent time.

To learn more about Battle and Brew, check out their website here.

Interested in taking a virtual tour? Click here.

Information provided by the Battle and Brew Facebook page and the Battle and Brew website. Images provided by Hannah Martin.

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