I have often wondered
What I would say to you,
Flesh of my flesh,
Bone of my bone.

The pain in your heart
Is an old friend of mine.
I hear it whispering
In the depths of my soul.

I suppose I would ask
That you take care.
The cuts on your body
Leave scars on mine.

You look into the mirror
And hate your self-reflection,
But take heart, little one,
For Kintsugi transforms you
Into a work of art.

Only Compassion can recognize Despair,
And only through Despair
Can one understand Compassion.
We love because we remember.

You will turn heartache
Into strength.
Anger into patience. 
Self-hatred into self-love.

A scar tells a story.
You were broken,
But you will be repaired,
And more beautiful for it.

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