Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin is a part-time student at Kennesaw State University, where she studies English. The youngest daughter of a close-knit family, she has always had a passion for bringing people together using food and stories.

Hannah has shown a love for creative writing since she was young, participating in Odyssey of the Mind, a creative problem-solving group, and attending creative writing classes through the Duke TIP program. She and her family members often sit around the dining table telling stories and discussing literature. She also plays the table-top game, Dungeons and Dragons, and uses it to create stories with her friends, leading to interesting collaborative works. Although she originally studied biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, she decided to change her major after taking a creative writing class and rediscovering her passion for writing. She adores poetry and has used it as an emotional outlet since she turned thirteen and discovered poets such as Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe. Her greatest literary inspiration is Jane Austen, whose ability to write interesting stories about the society that she participated in has remained timeless.  

In addition to writing, Hannah also has a passion for baking. For a time, she worked for Ali’s Cookies, where she expanded her knowledge of baking and decorating techniques. An ambitious worker, she continues to challenge herself by attempting different pastries and decoration themes. Hannah believes that food is a way to connect with loved ones to create lasting memories. She learned how to bake from her father, who taught her by using her grandmother’s recipes. Her grandmother passed away when she was three, so being able to use these recipes allows Hannah to feel close to her. Her hope is to be able to use her writing and recipes to connect with others and inspire them to create their own memories. She aspires to one day write her own recipe book.

Hannah has also recently become an aunt to twins and has enjoyed getting to know them.

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